The Happiness Project Part 12 Goals

The Happiness Project Part 12 Goals

Posted 2014-03-06 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Image The Secret Facebook Page. Goal setting the smart way gives you the keys to your abundance and happiness in life.

It is appropriate to end the final part of the Self Avenue Happiness Project on goal setting.

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There have been numerous people post GFC that purport that it is better to "go with the flow" than to set goals, so to not be disappointed as change is constant. To a degree this is true. Once upon a time, employers at job interviews used to ask such questions as "where do you see yourself in five years time?" Agreed, such questions are not relevant anymore, especially due to the fast-paced ever changing world we live in. Who knows, in two months time you might be doing something different to what you're doing today work wise.

This does not mean that setting smart goals has become redundant. There was a Harvard study that mentions that 97% of people do not set goals. Therefore, if you commit to setting just one goal, you're streets ahead of the majority of the population.

It is true. Millionaires study their goals once a day, while billionaires study their goals twice a day. Well off people check them frequently, but less often.

If a goal is not achieved by your specified date, this is not failure. This is deferred success. Set goals with an open mind, and if it was not for the goals you've set in the past, you would not be living a happy life today. The process does require some good old fashioned elbow grease - in other words some sheer hard work.

If you have been following the other 11 parts of this 12-part Self Avenue Happiness Project; your happiness will no doubt have been amplified if you've applied the key learnings of the previous parts. Therefore, setting at least five key smart goals should be second nature to you, and no doubt achieving a goal whenever you achieve it will amplify your happiness levels even further.

Remember, our creator has plans bigger for us than we could ever imagine. We live in an intelligent, all encompassing universe. Our creator knows our plans in advance, and he (or she) loves to surprise us unexpectedly if we strive towards reaching our goals. Set them so they're a stretch but not a snap.

Which five goals would impact your happiness the most in a positive way? Write them down the smart way:

1. Specific: if you want to lose weight, how many kilos would you like to lose?

2. Measurable: How do you know when you've achieved a certain milestone? For example with weight loss, you can check yourself on the scales, and/or go for a body fat test. With profitability in your business, you have accounting software for that.

3. Achievable: Do not bite off more than you can chew. Do you have the time to do the work required to lose weight? If your personal trainer believes you need to go to the gym three days a week, can you commit to this?

4. Realistic: If you earn $60,000 a year, and you're able to save 10% of your gross income in the same time period, you will fall short of your goal if such a goal is to save $7,000 for that romantic holiday - unless you're willing to take up an extra job and/or invest in a higher risk investment in order to save a little more.

5. Timed: Is the timing right? You need to be ready to achieve something. If your headspace is not right to get married, then expand this dream with a deadline.

You are in control. You're in the drivers seat.

For example:

"It is now the 30 April 2014, I have logged into Internet banking to check my mortgage balance, and it has gone down to $100,000. I am so happy and grateful for this."

"It is now New Years Eve, and here I am standing in front of the mirror so happy and grateful for how I look. I've just weighed myself on the scales, and I weigh a healthy 65 kilos."

Tick off the goal and reward yourself in a healthy way for its fruitful completion. The above goals are not my personal goals; they have been made up to explain the process of which one has had success with for self and therapy clients in the past.

I congratulate you for hearing me out, and for committing to the Self Avenue Happiness Project. May you continue to enjoy happiness, joy and prosperity in your world. You will still hear from myself, and from all of our amazing writers here at Self Avenue. Self Avenue is only beginning, and we are climbing that mountain to deliver you wonderful subscribers and readers the very best personal development content. Cheers.


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