The Happiness Project Part 11 Something New

The Happiness Project Part 11 Something New

Posted 2014-03-06 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Image Courtesy of Naito8 Trying something new is as delicious as chocolate, when backed with a little faith.

I know, and I get it - change is scary at first. Then again "a change is as good as a holiday." This is what I love about having my own business; there is always a chance to do something new, something fresh. For Mina and I, starting up Self Avenue for your enjoyment was foreign to us back in November 2013, yet now the day to day running of this site for your enjoyment is now much easier for us.

This article encompasses the second last part of this 12-part Self Avenue Happiness Project series. For the last 10 articles, please click here .

The concept behind something new isn't always about a complete career and/or hairstyle change. This concept is also about finding new ways to do things, as well as new things to do. Let your imagination run wild, you will be surprised.

Take a different mode of transport to work. Eat out somewhere new. Join a social/meet up group. Change the colour of your hair. That's right, new beginnings to uplift you and the quality of your life, and hence your happiness.

New activities challenge you, and they take you outside of your comfort zone. For example, in my own business I was offered an opportunity to run chocolate walking tours in Sydney. I had no clue how to do this, but I made a start. I've never taken groups around; conduct mini bursts of presentations on chocolate, and organise chocolate tastings. At the time I was a shy, introverted freelance writer. Public speaking and running these tours definitely got me outside of my comfort zone, where I have already trained someone else to do the same, and I'll soon be filmed to appear on TV in China as a certain TV network wants to promote this chocolate tour as part of their global traveller program. Plus I have taken groups with a maximum of 15 people around. All this in only seven months. Not to impress you, however to impress upon you that the risk of starting something new pays off in most cases. The greater the risk, the greater the reward.

Mental, physical and emotional stimulation is born as a result of trying something new. This aids your happiness in profound ways. Trying something new boosts your energy and excitement levels, and sometimes to the point where it might be difficult to sleep because you're so excited as opposed to being bored with your life. Such new beginnings open your perspective, and they also give you more gratitude for what you already have in your life. The more open your life is, the more enjoyable it is. This is why I like to run multiple projects in my business; from being Chief Editor of this and three other HubGarden sites; as well as being a business consultant, author of four self help books, and a chocolate tour guide. More things are possible, and when it comes to something new with your work, your income comes from multiple sources, and will grow/expand through extra service you're providing to the world.

Exercise: brainstorm some ideas of the things you would love to do, but you have not done them before. List down simple ways you can break that stale routine on a daily basis. Write your thoughts down. Then re-visit this exercise after you've implemented your new beginnings like I have. Then ask yourself what you learnt about yourself? How do you really feel? Any challenges? Did these moments of trying something new make you happy?

The simple things bring bliss and happiness to your domain, they really do. Some new things to try, if you still need a bit of a helping hand with this exercise:

  • Leave your mobile phone at home for a day.
  • Change your hairstyle.
  • Taste a food you've never tried before.
  • Cook something if you don't normally cook.
  • Cook something new each week.
  • Go to a class at the gym that you've never been to before.
  • Learn how to say thank you in five different languages.
  • Go on a tour you've never been on before.

  • Enjoy, and the final article to close off the Self Avenue Happiness Project will be on its way to you in the coming few days.


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