The Golden Easter Bunny

The Golden Easter Bunny

Posted 2014-04-11 by Justine Crowleyfollow
That golden ticket indeed

Easter is a beautiful time all round. What is there to not love about Easter? Chocolate, hot cross buns, people, and time out. We also celebrate the resurrection of our saviour, or redeemer who has given us a life of gratitude and hope to begin with. Tucking into a gold wrapped Easter bunny egg reminds me of the golden ticket with Willy Wonka. The golden ticket to abundance, joy, happiness, and cheers to new beginnings.

Such chocolate Easter treats are wrapped not only in gold foil, but also in beautifully multi-coloured foils. Tucking into one chocolate egg at Easter serves many different metaphors.

Firstly, a time for healing and renewal is enjoyed. The golden bunny brings us joy unwrapped when happy or otherwise. Chocolate is a pleasure food that is great to eat alone or with others. Such treats are great to give freely to others, without expecting anything in return.

Opening up that golden ticket is a sign of new life; a sign that you're on track. Something as positive as tucking into a chocolate egg at Easter is a reminder to write down your gratitude intentions. When you focus on what is great in your life, the universe will bring you more things to be grateful for.

With each and every mouthful of that golden egg, you're happier and more alive. With each and every mouthful, imagine that you're forgiving someone who has hurt you, and then let that hurt go when you throw the bow and gold wrapping in the bin.

I was sad (for a moment) when I left one of my Lindt gold bunnies behind (in a blue Lindt bag) after having a long lunch with my man at Darling Harbour today. Suddenly, a couple of hours had past, and he was wondering why our pizza was taking so long to arrive - especially as he had to go back to work afterwards. Getting flustered, I forgot to collect this bag with my golden bunny when we left. I had already given him his one, and I realised I left the second one behind while waiting for the train home at St James station. My train home was due in two minutes at the time, and therefore I let that golden bunny go. Tomorrow is another day to enjoy another golden bunny. Interestingly enough, I have another chocolate tour to run. More gold bunnies to enjoy.

Either one of the restaurant staff or someone else will enjoy that golden bunny I left behind. Do not get attached to things, as before long you'll have to let them go anyway. Easter for another year will come and go. Everything passes. What is great and not so great is simply an interpretation of the event. The event itself is meaningless.

The above is a major lesson to move on and to let things let go of things that no longer serve you. It is only a few dollars invested in someone else's happiness. Someone else needed that chocolate bunny more than I did, and my boyfriend needed his one more than I did as well.

The golden bunny symbolises hope and renewal. I see Easter as a time where a couple of my friends will get out of rehab and into their own lovely house, after spending about a month in hospital after a deluge of sporting accidents.

After an abundance of hard work in my own business; yesterday (as at the time of writing this) the hard work and efforts put in over the last few months meant that I was able to book my flights and accommodation (to places like the Palazzo Versace) for a holiday in July. I was also able to book a return flight to another destination to catch up with friends, as well as buy myself a completely new bedding package without getting into debt. I was also granted/awarded a partial scholarship to study hypnotherapy at a more advanced level, and so I can specialise in more areas of clinical hypnosis and return to this line of work in my business. My course work will arrive in the mail next week, and all of a sudden I have just become a student of natural medicine. I will need to attend some face-to-face training over three days at the start of August, and the final day of this training happens to be on my birthday this year. How's that for a sign? The golden bunny that I owned for a moment, and then left behind was a sign that I am on the right track, and to enjoy this abundance that lies ahead for me.

The universe is so intelligent and precise, it never screws things up. With the study, the face-to-face encounter was meant to be the weekend before in Melbourne; yet it feels like that golden Easter bunny hatched at the right time for me to stay at my home in Sydney, and complete the face-to-face component of my training at home, without needing to spend extra money on flights and accommodation unnecessarily. When this training certification is finished and I have passed my exams; I will be a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, and will be able to set up my own practice to add an extra string to my bow and help more people. I will be treating patients at a higher level than I ever have before when I previously worked in natural medicine before freelance writing (now editing) knocked on my domain.

On this, please trust your intuition. You will know what your golden bunny is representing for you this Easter, and then some. Your golden Easter bunny is creating a vacuum for you. Then again, nature abhors a vacuum. Your golden Easter bunny is giving you a golden opportunity to forgive, heal, renew, be happy, at peace and abundant with yourself.

Thank you very much for your support here on Self Avenue - wonderful subscribers and readers of our work, and Happy (and golden) Easter to you all.


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