The Curious Shift

The Curious Shift

Posted 2013-11-29 by Mina Keenanfollow

When your kids are small and dependent, you are their world. You know everything. You know best. You make everything better.

They (probably should) know little of your problems, upsets and are unaware of your foibles. Your follies and mistakes are easily forgiven.

When they grow to that 'friend' stage, and they learn that you're a person too - with weaknesses - its a relief. They find out that you're NOT strong all the time and don't have all the answers. That you hurt too.

That there are some things you just can't fix.

A curious shift. The curtain comes down and a lot of things laid bare.

There is usually talk of their childhood things, you can give your take on it now, because they have enough growing to understand from another viewpoint.

They ask more about you as a person - your own childhood. Where some years ago they couldn't stand your opinion - they now clamour for it.

This transition stage is disarming and takes a wee while for both parties to get used to.

You see their view of you has shifted. Its like meeting of the waters - meeting someone new and because you have a history together - their whole lifetime - it is so curious. You are looking and listening to each other with the most genuine of interest.

So you let go, climbing down off that pedestal and say what you think with no risk of offending - them knowing your true intention is to help and not hinder.

Of course decision is theirs - they are grown after all. Another trusted viewpoint only helps to make an informed choice.

You realise a mutuality - each make their own decisions and the other accepts even if they don't agree.


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