The Best Place to Look for Help

The Best Place to Look for Help

Posted 2014-03-11 by Artfollow

While having to deal with life and all its glory, it is very interesting to me as to how life is interconnected. Life without family and friends is something I cannot imagine, but is that it?? Do we really get that sense of empathy that we really need sometimes. While beginning to wonder, I realised that they are a huge pillar of strength but there is somewhere else I need to look.

I packed my bag and took a trip in a comfortable vehicle to look for help. But where was I going?? I didn't know. I told myself , atleast this is a start. Let me drive where the road takes me. Well my aim is to look for a place where I can find that much needed help to get out of anything that is troubling today. Driving to this place looking for a miracle, I stopped at these junctures hoping for things to be solved, but not until I got to where I needed to go.

Talking about it for a bit
I remember reading somewhere " if you have one true friend in your life, you are lucky ".I wondered how this can be true because all my life I have been surrounded with friends. But there came a time in life where I understood the true meaning of it. The very first of our encounters when we have a problem is to talk about it to our friends. While they love you and deeply care for you, sometimes the most you need when you are in distress is empathy and not judgement. The claim that they do not judge you isn't entirely true. They do understand you when you behave or react to a particular problem in life, but the fact remains that they do have some fundamental questions about you. They will discuss this with you if you are a best friend but in most cases it is not spoken to you.

Generally people are curious. I am curious myself. It is just how we are. So talking to friends about your problems may make you feel better till that conversation ends, but you would still go back to square one with your questions unanswered. So obviously this isn't a place to look for a solution.

While I forgot about my problems talking about it for a bit, I drove on in search of that place where I would experience peace.

Fuel station of love
Your family love you unconditionally. No matter what you say or do, you will be loved. Although this feeling of being loved gives you the strength and courage, a fuel for your vehicle, you still need to drive your vehicle to your happy place. Sure home is where the heart is but the question mark in your life still exists. You still go inside your room after a family dinner, switch on your night lamp and sit by your bed, left thinking. Family are a blessing, a blessing in disguise but their reach is limited. While it is difficult to count your blessing in tough times, family will help you see it. They will aid you in giving you your accessories for your battle. They would give your directions. And your heart is left less heavy but still...

The art of therapy
Nothing against it, but very often people suggest this without even understanding what someone needs. If people who love you and whom you love and trust cannot help you, how can someone who you are just going to meet give you that miracle?? I completely agree that they have a different perspective and unbiased look at your problem, but when you step out , do you really feel helped. Is your heart feeling light ?? Maybe after all the talking and answering but you still are not at 'the place' where you need to be.

Tarot Reading/Astrology
With all due respect ,I realised this should not be the place where I need to look for help. There is a reason why we do not know what happens next in our life. For instance, imagine, if you would ever go to the airport if you knew you were going to miss the flight?? Ofcourse not. If you didn't know, you would have gone to the airport and missed the flight but you would look at the next option to take you to your destination. You got out to leave, otherwise you would have probably been where you are. To me, this is what this respected science does. It will surely help you with the acceptance of your problem but surely finding a solution here is a debate.

Being alone will give you rest. It surely helps you visualise your solutions and give you the much needed space. While I stopped my vehicle and looked out the window, like always there were so many thoughts running through my head. The only difference was , I could clearly hear some of them and guess what, it made sense. Slowly it started sinking and this is when I saw the sign board which read "help is here".

Much sought 'helppp' spot
After travelling everywhere and nowhere, I got to a point where I had driven far from my problem. The same problem which looked so big in front of me , looked smaller when I drove away from it. Though my journey was tiring, I was happy I took it because it took me exactly where I needed to go.

Like I said, I saw a sign board which made me turn my head. I was directed to turn right into a street where I hoped my worries were going to end. With confidence, I got off my car and walked in. This place was noisy, full of people and nothing close to how I had imagined peace. Filled with doubt and surprise, I sat at a table. I slowly wanted something to distract myself from this noisy place and keep me focused. I closed my eyes and eventually after a while the place became quiet. Suddenly my head cleared up. It was a miracle indeed, I thought to myself that this place is surely magical.

I got up from my chair to look around and everywhere, just about everywhere there were mirrors.


I realised, if at all I got help from someone or somewhere, it all started only with me. Unless I decide to get out of misery, unless I make an effort to set things right, everything is going to remain how it was. It was me who could help myself. The much needed help and miracle was right within me.

In challenging times, we have to gather that inner strength and accept that our battles are ours to fight. While people can give you support ,empathy and encouragement, you need to commit to yourself first to pull you out of this pain. No one except you can help yourself.

Then I realised, I drove so many miles in search of help just to realise ,all I needed to do was to start with myself.

Make an appointment with yourself today and make a commitment to start working on your issues. Now that you have realised its you who can make a difference in your life, speak to your family and friends and you will see the warmth they give you .

If not for them, you wouldn't have continued to drive to the best place where you found help.


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