The 30s Journey

The 30s Journey

Posted 2014-04-17 by alilovefollow
Image The Secret Facebook Page. Your 30s is an era of change and transformation. Enjoy it.

Your 30's are awesome.

As my first piece of writing, I would like to share a lesson I am in the process of learning.

As I approach 30, it is becoming clear that self worth and happiness are the most important accomplishments for one to have. Looks, materialism and beauty are fads of the 20's, and fade just as quickly.

Your 30's is that phase of your life that encompasses self discovery. Who we are and what we want is the daily agenda.

I start my journey in hope that I can later enlighten someone...anyone. And for those ages ahead, I hope you can do the same.


  • Your 30's is a period of change and transformation. In your early 30's you're nearing the end of your Saturn Return, and things open up for you.

  • Nothing is permanent.

  • Materialism and the fads of the 20's come and go.

  • Self discovery is everything.

  • Know thyself, and learn more about thyself.

  • Happy soul searching.


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