The 2014 Objective

The 2014 Objective

Posted 2014-01-09 by emkatefollow

Have you ever been distracted by something so silly an naive and within a few months you are back in the same scenario. You have become a mess and your passions have faded. Then it's time to hit the play button on your life.

As a upcoming writer; I can write about anything and everything; also I can be easily distracted when it comes to impressing new people whether they be new bosses or especially new partners. In the end I become miserable once again and my writing becomes sloppy and horrible.

So my objective for 2014 is to complete a 10 week dating detox and focus on improving my writing structure.

My first rule is obvious: no over impressing people. Even if a few weeks in, as luck would have it, you feel you’ve met someone who is a great influence romantically or in a business sense. Back it up!

First impressions aren't accurate at all, in fact 90% of first impressions are normally a ideal of what they want us to believe they are. Remember this detox is all about you remember to have fun, indulge and educate yourself about the things you want to do.

Make the most of the detox. When you’re having fun you become more attractive to others just wait until your detox is over. Healthy love happens when you’ve worked on yourself, and improve your weaknesses.

The main objective is too improve my writing and expand my writing to a larger audience.

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