That Recoil Called Guilt

That Recoil Called Guilt

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Part of the science of life when handled effectively.

Haunts you like a devil,
Shows you life’s hell,
Incessant prick in the heart,
Like a serpent it dwells.

Every gun that shoots, hurls back a jolt toward the shooter that can change the course of bullet and it may miss its mark. Newton’s third law - every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Bigger the gun, larger is the recoil. A good shooter compensates this recoil to shoot accurately. This analogy can be applied to life. Life is full of petty quibbles and fights. They are so common that they have become a form of discourse whenever things go against the plans, and that is when things go awry. The quarrel here is the gun, your mind is the shooter and there is always recoil. That recoil is called guilt. The bigger the fight, the bigger is the recoil, and it brings in more guilt.

Hangs you by a thread
Over a butcher’s knife.
It stabs your breath
Invades your mind
Like a needle adores a balloon
While it inflates.

This feeling of guilt which you suffer from after a quarrel that could have been avoided is more deadly than you might think. People often tend to underestimate the consequences of a quarrel. The guilt, recoil from the quarrel is like that needle which adores an inflating balloon. The balloon is your mind which is being inflating due to a constant influx of pride and ego which comes immediately after the fight. Sometimes it becomes indispensable to shoot in self defence, and thus face the recoil. But, it is always advisable to keep the intensity of the quarrel to a bare minimum - if not to avoid it completely.

Scientifically speaking, recoil is one form of energy which goes to waste. And Science says, theoretically, that any form of energy can be used and converted to another form. That is how we found out the way of harnessing wind and solar energy. You could use that theory in life. Instead of shooting, you could wait and let the opponent shoot. He/she will face the inevitable recoil and undoubtedly miss the target. That saves you from the melancholic guilt that comes in. As a matter of fact, even by refraining from shooting, you have attacked the opponent. You’ve used the recoil from his/her shooting to your own benefit.

Keep remorse at bay,
Always act wise
Dump thy jealousy
Dump thy vice
‘Tis a plague,
‘Tis a parasite.

It’s all a matter of perspective. Know the science of life, apply the principles of science to life and it’ll steer you ahead with minimum problems.


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