Tensions Rural vs Urban

Tensions Rural vs Urban

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Countryside vs. City

We have space: open fields, grass planes, winding roads and plush farm lands.
Who needs all that?
We have animals: dogs, cows, goats and rams.
Why? When all you need is a cat?
We have a community: friends, family, neighbours all controlled by the council leader, Pam.
Yes, where people just sit around getting fat.

It’s pointless. We will never agree:
We love the busy life
And we love being by the sea.

We have 24 hours services:, taxies, clubs, drinks and food.
No thank you we would rather sleep.
We can buy everything day or night, when ever we’re in the shopping mood.
Yes, but I better most of it is tacky and cheap.
We can say what ever we want to anyone we want cos everyone is just as rude.
You wont speak to us like that. No girl will want you, you’ll just be that creep.

It’s pointless. We will never let this be.
Who wants to live in the country?
And why would you live in the city?

We have: Peace. Quite. Tranquillity.
Open spaces. Rolling hills. The salty sea.
You are: Busy. Hectic. And considerably rude.
You can keep your late night drinking, taxies and food.

We have: Jobs. Money. Flash cars.
We fight for what we want. What’s another scar?
You are: old fashioned, tacky and old.
You can keep your country and your open spaces. Don’t worry, one day to us, it will all be sold.


Some people love the countryside, some people love the City. It is very rare that you’ll find someone who loves both.

There are pros and cons to both city and countryside life: don’t knock either before you try them.

Most people will work in the city but live in the country/small suburb away from the late nights and nonstop entertainment, but will always love one side more then the other.

Both living situations have an atmosphere and a personality. Both have qualities which appeal to different generations and individuals: one will teach you tolerance, how to be independent, and the meaning of self- sustainability. Where as the other will surround you luxuries you can’t buy at a department store, it will teach you how to look out for one another and provide you with a warm and welcoming communal atmosphere that is unimaginable to a city person.

No matter where you live or whom you live with, its what you make of it which makes the difference in your life. Only you can make the best of a bad situation or the best of a good situation. Either way live the way you want to live and experience all that there is to experience in your own back yard.


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