Ten Surprising Facts About Laughter

Ten Surprising Facts About Laughter

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Having a sense of humour helps you get through some tough times and can make the good times even better. Being able to laugh at yourself, not in a self-deprecating way, but in a healthy way means you won't be making a mountain out of a molehill.

Surprising facts
  • If you laugh for fifteen minutes you may burn as much as 160kj (40 calories). It's okay, you don't have to laugh non stop, the laughter can be spread throughout the day.
  • Laughing boosts your short term memory
  • Gelotology is the science of laughing
  • Geliophobia is the intense fear of being laughed at. Gelosis is Greek for laughter.
  • Children laugh up to three times more often than adults.
  • People laugh more often at a random event that has a humorous aspect than at an intentional joke or comedy.
  • Research has found men don't laugh as often as women.
  • It is impossible to force laughter unlike the way you can fake a smile. You may manage to make a noise that sounds somewhat like laughter but the brain knows the difference.
  • People laugh more often when in a social situation than on their own.
  • Rats make a high pitched laughing sound when their necks are tickled. Special equipment is required to hear the sound.

  • Laughing is beneficial for physical and mental health and certainly helps one get through the day. Spending time with people who make you laugh is not only fun but good for you.


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