Ten Signs That You May Be a Workaholic

Ten Signs That You May Be a Workaholic

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Workaholism can be a serious issue – an addiction much like any other. It’s one thing to enjoy our job, but yet another to let it take over other aspects of our lives. We all want to do well and be seen as diligent and hard-working. Even those who don’t particularly like their jobs may feel a sense of obligation to give more than is expected in order to secure their place in the company.

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However, when our job starts to consume us and to have a negative impact in our lives, we need to stop and re-assess the situation – to get to the bottom of why it’s happening.

Here are ten signs that you may be becoming a workaholic:

1. You get to work before everyone else does or start earlier than you need to.

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2. You work through your lunchtime or neglect to take your designated breaks.

3. You come into the workplace on your day off or when you’re meant to be on holidays.

4. You’re constantly on call. Workmates phone you when you’re not there because you’re the only one who can fix a problem.

5. Most of your conversation with friends and family revolves around your work.

6. You’re constantly thinking about work, planning and mulling over problems.

7. You involve yourself in aspects of the job that are not your responsibility.

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8. You’re constantly looking for opportunities for advancement or promotion.

9. You’re always the last person to leave at the end of the day.

10. Your work is beginning to negatively impact your health.

Do any of these sound like you?

If we display one or two of these signs on their own it’s not a serious issue (unless it’s number 10,) but if we tick the box on most of these - if we find we are becoming consumed by the job – then we need to take a long hard look at why.

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Some see the job as closely intertwined with their self-worth. For some it’s the only way they can feel that they’re making a positive contribution. If this is how we feel – chances are that there are problems in other areas of our lives. Our job should be only one facet of a harmonious, well balanced life and if this is not the case, then we need to seek help.


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