Taking Time Aside to Reflect

Taking Time Aside to Reflect

Posted 2015-12-11 by joshuafollow

I don't know if this is true for everyone, but this time of the year seems to be a constant rush of additional work, things to do, chores to get done and people to see.

It doesn't help my cause that I recently started my own business, which means that the hours are theoretically endless. There is always something you either feel like you should be doing, or something that needs to be getting done. The feeling and necessity never quite part from your waking mind.

To top things off I am also working almost full time hours at my old job, in order to try and save for the coming winter. My old job always explodes over the December to March period, so it seemed too good an opportunity not to head back and make some extra hay whilst the sun is shining.

On top of all this again, we have the holiday period. So many people wistfully sense that the end of the year is here. I find people have a renewed enthusiasm to reconnect. Not to mention the amount of extra family activities that occur with Christmas.

Now this is not a whine fest of how busy I have been, far from it.

I wanted to take some time aside, and remind anyone who needs to hear it, that it is ok to calm down and just be. Not always, not never; you need periods of inactivity in your life.

I'm not talking about leisure and entertainment either, where you stimulate yourself with activities or media.

I'm talking about being mindfully aware of your surroundings, taking in all of hat you can perceive, and knowing that for that point in time, there is nothing that you need to do.

Movies, and TV can seem like they are relaxing, but in reality they are actually simply distracting. Relaxing is about allowing the madness and clutter of your thoughts to become categorised, prioritized and completely caught up on.

Does that sound hard?

If it sounds hard, it is probably because you have bought into the "busyness mindset"

We are bombarded every day with both negatively and positively reinforced messages that we should take action and be active. That time is a finite resource and you dare not squander it.

Our society as whole worships productivity, but not necessarily efficiency.

This powerful thurst for forward motion leaves us exhausted. We push until we break. For some people breaking is as dramatic as quitting everything, others schedule it and have a holiday regularly, for some the moment of breaking is binge watching a TV series.

There is not necessarily anything wrong with pushing to breaking point, and then being forced to recover. However, if you find time to actually gather yourself, and be mindful of your life's trajectory, then you may not feel the need to push your self so hard that you end up drained and completely sinking.
Joshua Ballard recently jumped off the proverbial cliff and is chasing his dreams of running his own Marketing Agency in Adelaide . When he isn’t glued to a computer working, he likes to discuss life and philosophy with friends.


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