Taking a Break from Regular Practice

Taking a Break from Regular Practice

Posted 2015-11-11 by Rachael Millsomfollow

Wow what an experience. I feel so blessed to have been able to take these past 7 1/2 weeks to spend with my family and contribute in a small way to an indigenous community.

Our Adventure
As a family we explored the tourist route near Alice springs, plus a bit more hanging out in red places and by water holes.

I love camping because it always takes me back to what is important to me, family, nature and spending time with both. Camping also has me sleeping well and being more in tune with my natural sleep and wake patterns.

After 2 weeks of holiday we spent 1 month in a remote indigenous community. Here I appreciated the opportunity to get to know some of the children and young adults in the community as I read with them. I also appreciated the relaxed family time, having dinners together every night of the week, not having to get anywhere for soccer training or other commitments.

My Meditation Practice Suffered

By October though it was hot and I didn't really ever get used to it (so I am not finding it too cold now that I am back in Melbourne). I still fit in a few mornings a week yoga and meditation but rarely did much of any length.

Being back home the last few days I have managed some longer sits and sessions and have reminded myself of some of the reason I practice meditation and yoga. The heat now over and routine returning I look forward to a renewed commitment to practice.

Why I Practice
I practice to listen, to let go and to find peace in what is.

Yep - That about sums it up.

With little practice over my time away I started to tense my jaw again (a old pattern) and consequently develop tension in this part of me. Now back in the swing and with some deeper listening I am more aware and checking in with this part of my body regularly. This might seem a little thing but simply by paying attention to my jaw I am listening to my body, I don't judge myself for having tensed up again but I let go when ever I notice I am holding on again. I also give time for the reflective question - what am I holding onto?

These same principles can be applied to any part of your body and adapted to suit you in a specific or general way.

A change of scenery can do many things for us, for me it has been both a wonderful adventure, and a reminder of what is important to me, including my regular practice.


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