Take It Easy

Take It Easy

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As I write this, the Easter weekend is a few days away. Many people have big plans to spend the time away from home. They may be visiting friends and relatives who live a long distance away or going on a trip to a location not visited before. Perhaps they will go camping. Others have plans to use the time to do home renovations or landscape the yard. There are some who are going to stay home and take it easy.

Feeling guilty about 'wasting time'
Some may feel 'taking it easy' is a worthwhile way to spend the time. They recognise it as a good chance to recharge their batteries. Others may feel guilty, believing they are wasting time. Even if they are 'wasting time' is this really a bad thing? Bertrand Russell, the British Nobel laureate who was born in 1872 and was involved in the fields of philosophy, mathematics, politics, history and social commentary didn't think so. He wrote, 'The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.'

What do we mean by 'take it easy'?
The Collins Dictionary (online) gives the definition,
'If someone tells you to take it easy or take things easy, they mean that you should relax and not do very much at all.'

People will have different ideas about what it means to 'take it easy'. While one person will consider spending time in the garden a way of doing this, someone who dislikes gardening would call it work. Others may say removing the dead flowers from the rose bushes is taking it easy but sawing dead branches off a tree is work. It's a matter of opinion.

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Ways to take it easy
Keeping in mind that we are all different, here is a list of activities that some will consider ways to 'take it easy' -
  • Take a nap
  • Read
  • Watch a DVD, movie, Netflix, television or something online
  • go for a stroll (not a power walk)
  • sit in a comfortable chair, perhaps a recliner or a massage chair
  • sit outside drinking a cuppa
  • watch birds in the garden
  • take a long relaxing bubble bath
  • soak your feet
  • take photos
  • go for a train ride, perhaps on a steam train, doesn't that sound like fun?
  • blow bubbles
  • colour in
  • watch the clouds

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    It is important to allow oneself time to 'take it easy' on a regular basis. It is part of achieving a work/life balance, protecting one's mental health and preventing burn out.

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