Take a Moment Have a Cuppa Part 1

Take a Moment Have a Cuppa Part 1

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Taking Stock

'Want a cuppa?' or 'I'll put the jug on' were the words said every time someone came to the house when I was a kid. Sometimes the words were not said - they were just acted on depending on the demeanour of the visitor.

In this instance 'cup of tea' meant cup of coffee, water etc - whatever the visitor preferred.

This small hospitality showed our visitors they were acknowledged and important.

It gave time for both parties to 'settle' or 'wind in' into whatever issue was at hand - whether it was just a casual, unannounced drop in or something more serious. A preparation time.

Then came the sitting together, the nourishment or refreshment and the talking was the time to get down to business. The sharing time.

  • Sitting together - sharing common space
  • Drink and snack - sharing common activity
  • Talking - looking and listening to each other, agreeing or not.

  • Laughing or crying or working things out. Or any combination of the latter three.

    This seemed to foster a mutual respect especially if there were opposing views on serious issues.

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