Take A Lesson From A Child

Take A Lesson From A Child

Posted 2013-12-30 by Lu Lu Bellefollow

Today I hit the shops, which was a pretty crazy thing to do, considering that it is the day before NYE, and all of the post Christmas sales are on. Needless to say, finding parking was near impossible and everywhere I went I had to wait in line...even to leave the car park.

Everyone was in a mad rush, and I found myself buying things I didn't really need. It was mayhem. My hands were sore from clutching onto heavy shopping bags, and I was sure I had probably forgotten something. Something I needed most likely.

My stress levels were rising as I made my way out of the shopping center and headed toward the escalators leading to the car park. This is where I spotted a young boy who appeared to be on his own walking down the escalator going in the opposite direction to me. A group of people stepped aside for him, and then he hopped off at the bottom and onto the escalator I was on, now going up, and then he walked passed me.

Suddenly I began to smile. I could see the boy's mum waiting patiently at the top of the escalators for him, and I knew exactly what he was doing. I remembered that I used to do this too when I was a kid. It was such a simple thrill. Going up and down escalators. Sometimes I would even walk in the opposite direction to the way the belt was doing, and it was so much fun.

This got me to thinking about the things I used to do as a child. The simple joys. What happened to the days when I used to make a boring situation fun? Now everything seemed to be so mundane.

I remember when my best friend and I would play hide and go seek in the supermarket when we'd go shopping with her mum. We would hide in empty shelves from one another and race around the aisles like they were a maze. I also remember being scolded by an adult once or twice. And that makes me think now, how would I feel if I saw a couple of kids running around giggling and carrying on while I was trying to do my shopping? Would I be annoyed? If so, why? Of course sometimes you need to pull a child in to line if they are doing something dangerous, but if it's their free spirited nature and sense for adventure that is bugging you, maybe that's because you've forgotten what it's like to be a child.

Too many times I've seen parents losing their temper with children in shopping centers. It was nice to see this mum letting her boy ride the escalators. She was letting him be a kid, and probably remembers doing it herself.

Today I was reminded to let go a little and not get so swept up in the stressful world of adulthood. Make the mundane magical. Push the boundaries. Why not?


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