Suzie The Greatest Love of All

Suzie The Greatest Love of All

Posted 2014-03-26 by Justine lovittfollow
Suzie is my best friend, and has given me so much love. I dont know what Id do without her.

She is my best friend. She is my beloved companion. I often refer to her as my daughter. She is my cat, Suzie.

I remember first getting Suzie. Mum and I went to the pet store, and I asked for the friendliest cat. The man who owned the shop pointed out a little black-and-white kitten, fast asleep. Mum had gone to another section of the pet store, looking at all the fluffy ones; the ones that look like they belong on advertisements for Whiskas. To me, though, Suzie may not have been fluffy or fancy, but there was a certain mischievousness, even in a 12 week old kitten that beheld me when she opened her eyes and yawned.

I picked her up and she started to purr. “She’s a purrer, all right” the pet shop man said. I said to mum “let’s take this one.”

From that day on, something special and magical entered my life which was pure love. Also, Suzie had a singularly unique personality of all the cats I have ever had.

When I come home from the shops or from uni, Suzie is there waiting for me, much as you would expect a dog to. Even if I’ve had a rough day, that is enough to put a smile on my face straight away. Suzie then collapses onto the ground so I can pat her.

She has some gorgeous idiosyncrasies. Whenever I or one of my neighbours are putting washing on the line, Suzie (if in the near surroundings) will always want to be present. For this reason, we have dubbed her as the “washing line cat.”

Another one of Suzies quirks is lying on her back with her paws in the air when music is playing

At night-time she curls up on the bed with me, or lays upon my chest, and I feel her breathing in and out as I go to sleep.

I love going to sleep with Suzie. As you can see, she makes herself quite comfortable on my bed

When I watch television at the end of the day, she will sit beside me on the chair, or in winter, curl up on my lap.

Suzie loves to join me, even when Im studying. When she has had enough of me studying, shell try to usurp my computer. Suzie reminds me of whats important in life

Some people say that cats (and other pets) only demonstrate “cupboard love.” I strongly disagree. Suzie is always there when I come home. When I call her, she enthusiastically runs toward me, and she generally likes to follow me around. I know some people’s cats may not demonstrate as much affection openly, but I have had less demonstrative cats, and each has their own way of saying “I love you.”

There love is totally unconditional and a hundred percent pure. It doesn’t matter what you look like; where you live, or if you’re a total dag; if you love a pet, they will love you back.
Suzie has done so much for me. She makes me laugh, and she has brought out the side of me that is really nurturing. It really is as though I have a daughter.

When I’ve been sick and have been in hospital for a condition I have; it is the thought of Suzie that gives me the energy to get well and come home.
Recently she turned three. I had always heard that one human year is worth seven cat years, so I considered Suzie to be 21. I threw her a birthday party! People sat around and we all talked about pets, either ones we had, or still have or wished to have. One thing seemed in common. People all agreed, in one way or another, that pets bring immeasurable love and loyalty to our lives.

It really is the greatest love of all.


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