Surviving An All Male Workplace

Surviving An All Male Workplace

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Filled with testosterone, an all male environment can be very daunting for any female to work in. There will be different ways of communicating and how each sex deals with conflict resolutions. But ladies, do not let this scare you and make you feel inferior at any level. Men and women will always be different and there will always be stereotypes. Do no let these get you down; the job you are in is rightfully yours, so show everyone how good you are in the role.

Making a good first impression is the best way to start. Always be polite and greet people when you arrive and leave work. Having good relationships with your colleagues can make work more enjoyable and can help you succeed in your position.

It is also a great idea to interact with your colleagues outside the office. Go out for lunch with them to the pub if that’s what they usually do. Making the effort will show your colleagues that you care about your work relationships.

As females, we are easily offended by the smallest things, however now is the time to get over yourself. Men have a different sense of humour and may speak to you in a way they would speak to male colleagues. However, do not be too lenient, there are limits to what is not acceptable in the workplace.

Being one of the very few females in the work place, do not feel that you always have to say yes. Voice your own opinions and show your colleagues and employer why you are in the position you are in. Saying yes just to please others is not the way it should be. If you say no, always have a valid reason why and you will never have any issues.

Working in an all male environment may be difficult at the beginning but it will get easier. A male work environment will mean less bitching and backstabbing which will make it a better place to work in. Don’t be scared working in an all male workplace. You are there to work, so let your true colours shine and show everyone you can succeed.


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