Survive the Drive

Survive the Drive

Posted 2014-07-28 by Colleen P Moynefollow
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My daily commute to work is quite long but never boring. I’ve found ways to make it enjoyable and it’s actually something I look forward to (not always necessarily to the destination, but to the drive.) Sunday drives or holidays with the family can be happy or horrible, depending on how prepared you are. Here are some things that work for me:

- Always ensure there is plenty of petrol in the car and that it is up-to-date with servicing.

- Consider membership of the Automobile Association. It’s well worth the cost and has certainly helped me out of some tricky situations over the years.

- Allow plenty of time for your journey. However long you think it will take, allow an extra ten or fifteen minutes in case of traffic hold-ups.

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- If, like me, your journey takes you through the countryside, you might even allow some extra time and drive more slowly when there are no other cars around. This saves fuel and wear-and-tear on your car.

- Travelling with children can be a challenge, but a bit of pre-planning will make all the difference. Bring along some favourite CD’s, books, snacks, travel games or toys and allow for some stops along the way.

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- Check out which is the more economical route. I found that making a small detour and adding an extra five kilometres to the drive actually saved me fuel because the new route was flatter with less curves and corners and didn't take any longer.

- Another advantage of allowing plenty of time for the drive is that you can enjoy the scenery. I always have my camera with me and have been able to stop and take some fantastic photographs.

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- Add some favourite music and you have all the makings of a pleasant journey.


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