Stressful Times

Stressful Times

Posted 2014-02-01 by angelstarfollow

Stress, what a killer. It affect's nearly every part of our human bodies. The butterflies in the stomach; the headache; neck pain; sore muscles; heart palpitations; bowel trouble; skin reactions and so much more.

Yet we all know how dangerous stress is to us, but we still continue to let it cause havoc and pain in our everyday lives.

I know when I used to live in Sydney, and I was stuck on the freeway for two-hours on a hot day; well I was a bit stressed and the rest. I had to get out of the car since the traffic was at a standstill, and try to take myself to my happy place. Very hard to do that with horns bleeping and voices screaming. Not a pretty picture.

On that occasion I happen to look over to some other drivers, and watched them to see how they would react. Guess what? They reacted simultaneously to me. Some even started to curse at other drivers. All I could focus on was that I was running late for an appointment, of which I had already waited four months for. Therefore I was not a happy camper.

I could feel my anger building up like a balloon. All I had to do was breathe slowly, but no I did the opposite. So after doing that I then felt nauseous.

That was no good for me, so I gave in and tried to maintain a cool head and rest. Probably after nearly two hours I awoke to a gentlemen at my door informing me that I could go now. The traffic had started moving. Well, I was so embarrassed to think. One minute I was angry and frustrated, and then the next I was snoring.

I had obviously taken myself to my happy place, and chilled out for a while. Have you ever done this?

It was a good lesson in life for me to learn, because from that moment on I learnt the power of taking myself out of one situation and putting myself into a better one.

Just trying to let you know that you have the ability and the power to stop any stresses in your life. It is not so much about why you are stressed, but how you choose to handle it - with dignity and pride rather than turning into a drama queen.

Stress is another lesson in our lives we all have to cope with. Each of us must deal with it in our own way. Remember that every time you feel stressed, your body feels it ten times more. So the next time you feel a bit stressed, try visualising yourself in your happy place.

Relax. Breathe slow. Imagine and take yourself to your happy place.


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