Sticking to Your Plans

Sticking to Your Plans

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Be clear of what you want in life and stay on track..with some conscious effort, and planning tools, its easier than you think Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Sometimes, it can be all too easy to veer of track, to go on a tangent, and forget to come back when it comes to sticking to our goals. Without realising it, bad habits can seep in, and our values may become distant.

How to ‘get back on track again’? These steps may help:

1. Remind yourself of your values – what is it that is important to you personally in life? If you find it difficult to become excited about actions, it could be because they are remote from your values.

2. Invest in a diary, organiser or planner – find one that is perhaps attractive and appealing to you, making it more likely that you will make use of it. Each day, plan what you will do, making sure this is in line with your values. When you have completed a task, cross it off, or perhaps put an ‘achievement sticker’ next to it, to congratulate yourself.

3. Make your daily goals realistic. Even if what you do each day is value-orientated, if your goals exceed your personal resources – including health, time and other commitments, then they may be hard to stick to. If goals are too difficult, even if they are of personal importance and are meaningful to us, they may become unpalatable if excessive.

4. Give yourself ‘reward time’ at the end of each day – think about what you enjoy doing. Recharging your batteries each day is an important part to achieving life balance. Also important is proper nutrition, rest and exercise.

5. If you don’t achieve a goal you set for yourself, ponder about why this could be? Perhaps you wanted to do a workout that was in the morning, say a group exercise class but you slept in. Ask yourself how you could prevent this from occurring again? For example, maybe you should have gone to bed earlier..

6. Surround yourself with people who are ‘healthy’ to have around…if you know people who do the exact opposite or who aren’t on a track you’d like to be on, perhaps it’s time to change your circle. These people don’t have to have the same goals, but they can’t be toxic to your goals, either. Even if they are just supportive, and when you associate with them, you don’t find yourself ‘getting off track’…It doesn’t mean you don’t like these other people, but you may need to limit time around them.

7. Excite yourself with long-term prospects that will emerge as a results of you keeping to your goals. For example, if you want to lose weight, keep an eye on that attractive dress that’s one size less. If you want to save money, think of that holiday…look at photos of where you want to go, make it real in your mind!

Happy Planning and Achieving!


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