Stay Cool This Summer

Stay Cool This Summer

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As the warmer weather starts, it brings scorching temperatures and dry winds that make a lot of everyday things a problem. It can hard to exercise outdoors, and you might find yourself tossing and turning at night.

Read below on how to stay cool this summer.

Stay cool this summer

Drink Wisely

Consuming alcohol and salty foods might not be a good idea. It's best to have them in moderation and be sure to have a glass of water after every drink. Stay in the shade and reduce caffeine.

Protect and care for your skin

Apart from being the largest organ in you body, your skin is the barrier between hot temperatures and the elements. Make sure its in a dewy and good condition. Use a hard-working product that is both a moisturiser and sunscreen twice daily. Body oils are also increasingly popular, and they come in both light and rich consistencies. And don't forget to hydrate yourself regularly.

Exercise safely

If you plan on exercising outside during the peak of Summer, it is essential that you keep yourself well hydrated. Sipping on water or energy drinks every 20 minutes is the way to go. Choose to exercise early in the morning, or a little later in the day when its cooler. Remember to wear clothes made of breathable fabric.

Sleep well

This might be hard when temperatures hit the high 20's at around 2am in the morning; but with a few changes it is achievable. Keep any windows in your room open. Place a bowl of ice in front of your fan, as it blows the cooler temperature from the ice; of which will be blown to you. Dress in cotton pyjamas so your skin can breathe through it. And lastly have a cold shower before going to bed.

Remember to stay hydrated

Although it is important to be well hydrated all year around, it is especially necessary during Summer. The recommended daily intake for men is three litres and for women is 2.2 litres. If you take part in any strenuous activity or stay for long periods out in the sun, be sure to replenish the lost fluids.


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