Start With The Basics

Start With The Basics

Posted 2014-06-05 by Nickedfollow

Needs are the basics. We need food, water, shelter, and clothes, and we know for fact that these needs are not seen hanging abundant on the streets.

Emphasis on having money comes in. Yes, we cannot buy happiness per se, but happiness comes when we are adequate on the things we need, not necessarily including those we want.

We all have our own definition of spirituality. Some would choose having little, some too much to help save the world, and some with barely nothing.

Spiritual transformation comes from within us-- thoughts and feelings.

Money can make or break us. We may get our minds and egos bloated because we are lucky to have it all, or on the other hand, Money overflows that we share everyone our wealth and happiness.

Our bodies become vehicles to doing good things, how then can we help others if we cannot raise our living. Let us face the vitality that money gives to people. We work for living, we build with money, and we sleep soundly in hope that we will get by.

Money is a tangible symbol of living. We become spiritual by meeting our basic needs first, so we could transcend to higher forms of thinking.


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