Stand Up Against Bullying

Stand Up Against Bullying

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There is a young woman, Emily Lindin who has used her high school diary entries to show what it was like for her dealing with sexualised bullying behaviour as a teenager. So far, her story has been ready by over seven million people.

She has used this personal experience to shed light on the topic of bullying and started the 'Unslut Project' to help raise awareness of the type of underhanded bullying that can and does happen in young people's lives today.

When Emily was eleven years old she had an innocent 'sexual' encounter and got labeled as a slut for it. The bullying term stuck to her and she went through a very difficult and dark period as a result.

Today, we have the internet where many young people face cyber-bullying and as an adult, I admit that I have thought, why don't these kids just delete the comment?

Yet, these things are never as simple as we initially think. Young people, they no longer have a boundary of personal, mental and emotional safety when they come home from the school as many have 24/7 internet access.

Young adults are at that stage in their human development where the thoughts, words and actions of their peer group are of higher importance than that of the family they once took solace and input from.

Too many young people have committed suicide due to name calling and bullying behaviours, whether that is physical, mental, emotional and sexual in nature.

Emily discusses the very real fact that bullying can and does continue into adulthood.

To combat bullying and turn things around, no matter your age, Emily advocates building confidence habits that help us to deal with all the varied experiences that life throws our way.

It is vital to reach out to those feeling the bullying pressure from other people and help them to see all the great things they can already do that make them feel good about themselves.

It is in noticing the our strengths and embracing the things that we love to do, that our level of self-confidence and love grows. There comes a tipping point where the words and opinions of those outside ourselves no longer matter as we have all we need inside ourselves to know that we really do count.

We need to put our curiosity hats on and research our strengths and focus on them with all we have to turn the tide and bring about our own increased self-esteem. No one can take that from us, unless we allow them that level of power in our lives.

Emily suggest setting yourself mini-goals that you can achieve and review. When we tick off something small that adds to achieving a personal dream, we add another brick to our wall of self-confidence.

To combat the darkest of bullying behaviours on the outside world, we must become warriors for our own well-being on the inside and remember that we are allowed to feel fabulous about ourselves and what we have to offer the world. When we take time to embrace our personal power, we take back another lost part of ourselves from those who tried to take it from us and are unworthy of such a gift.

Practice self-kindness because you are so worth it.

Even if you cannot give yourself self-kindness, you can take a moment to give kindness to another human being. It is as simple as giving a smile and a genuine compliment.

Your words of kindness could be the kind of confidence building that they need to feel that they are valued and valuable in the world. Through this process you will build your confidence and feel better and better about yourself too.

If you are a victim of the bullying yourself. You cannot control what other people do and say, however, you can control how you chose to react to it. If you have confidence in your own skills, your own goals and your kindness etc, you can control your own personal reaction to lessen the impact of their bullying behaviour. You are the empowered person in this equation.

Of course this is an issue that all people need to involved in.

There are those who are the witnesses of bullying. If you see someone being bullied, stand up for them by offering them kindness and help them to interrupt the negativity and cruelness.

When you are confident in your own abilities and know what you are good at, you will feel less inclined to care what others think.


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