Spit Out Your Envy And Let Your Compassion Blaze

Spit Out Your Envy And Let Your Compassion Blaze

Posted 2013-12-08 by Lorettafollow

It was only in January this year when Mother Nature exhaled her biggest breath into my little world. The heat that lived in that Summer air was remarkable. When I stepped out of the house all I felt was a suffocating, burning sensation, like being too close to a naked flame. Like falling head first into an oven. I have never felt a sensation like it.

It was impossible to pinpoint the sun in the sky for the abundance of brightness around me, glowing like a beast. It seemed as if the sun had slid its round body down, down, down, until it was completely surrounding my part of the world. Heat and brightness, heat and brightness. In retrospect this was the universe in all its glory, revealing its power and how powerful of a year 2013 was set to be. Oh, and it was a big year for me.

Heat is powerful and draining at the very same time, sitting before you like a god and resting on your body like a boulder. When the darkness of night comes there is little relief, the oven is still on but the kitchen light is off. The sun has sunk but it has left behind its shadow, nothing like the shadows of you and I. The sun’s shadow is alive, pulsing, breathing always.

I love it. I love Mother Nature and I love her children. Sun, moon, stars and clouds.

Little did anyone know that the hot Summer was an indicator of the rest of the year to come. Autumn, well he was ordinary, humble and obedient. The colours of the leaves changed on cue, the mornings were crisp and the midday sun so blissful. Winter didn’t strike as hard this year, he was probably tired and wanting to rest his well travelled paws. And so then roared in Spring, mimicking Summer in fear of the latter’s death. Spring, she released all she had, purging out anger and relief in the form of sweltering days, the odd cold snap was just our dear Spring feeling drained and needing a moments rest. Shaken awake by Mother Nature Spring brought the wind. It was ferocious, whipping the trees back and forth and sending the sparks of a fire catapulting through the air one weekday afternoon. A fire storm destroyed over two hundred homes in my town.

Eerie Spring stillness followed, she was dry, shocked and guilty for days and days on end, until she cracked. All the pain and sorrow bottled up in Spring’s body burst out into my world. Oh there were so many tears, so many that Spring, well she started shaking again, this time with grief. And so the tears fell and splattered on windows and on roads, drenching the burnt earth and cooling the atmosphere. All the dead leaves fell, Spring felt cleansed. It was truly her turn to shine this year.

Now Summer is back and he is as beautiful as ever, Spring’s wise grandfather; calm, knowledgeable and comfortable with himself. It is my pleasure to say that Spring feels so much better now, getting everything out of her body and soul.

You too can learn from dear Spring.

We are all human beings as well as spiritual beings, and as a result our imperfections are perfect.

You are not meant to be able to walk around with a content persona all year around. There are little sparks that flitter inside your body, these are feelings and emotions. You are allowed, in fact encouraged to feel and move with your emotions. Just like Spring, let your anger out and by God let your sadness and grief show. Spit out your envy, and let your compassion blaze. Cry, laugh, shake with grief and scream with delight. For it is only once you release these emotions, once you feel them as if they are tangible objects in your grasp, can you be open to something new, something that will help you move forward.

The sooner you let go, the sooner the opening in your heart will be vacant for a new season of beauty, for love, for wisdom and for knowledge.


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