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There was a time when I thought that a soul mate was the perfect romantic partner that comes into our lives and makes us whole.

Now, however, I have developed a deeper understanding of the concept of what a soul mate means in respect to soul evolution. I have spent time exploring this spiritual concept through reading spiritual texts, listening to the views of people from differing belief systems, observation, meditation and my own spiritual prayer work.

This is what I have come to understand so far...

Soul Mates Spiritual Companions Artist Selina Shapland

Soul mates are a spark of the Divine made manifest in the body of a sentient being.

Soul groups seem to exist and essentially, every being in the world is a soul mate for someone somewhere at some point.

The purpose of a soul mate is to help us to grow and develop our soul's spiritual understanding through life lessons in the physical world.

A soul mate's 'job' is to help us to step onto our spiritual path in the physical world, but also to test us and our commitment in moving towards what we say we most want in life. They guide us through experiences and interactions.

Some soul mates come to be our life partners, others have a deeper purpose to perform in our lives and may only be there for a brief period of time.

Soul mates help us to complete ourselves. They do this by challenging us, standing by us and encouraging us to step out of our comfort zones. They annoy us, prod us and irritate us until we finally say, "enough!" and make a stand or a decision to reclaim our personal power. They do this as an act of love, despite outward appearances.

Soul mates whisper to us through their actions, "Take back your power. Be the warrior you know lives inside you. Remember your true self!"
Remember your true self Artist Selina Shapland

Sometimes this interaction will create circumstances that make us face our deepest fears and darkest parts of ourselves.

Some soul mates come into our lives to help us tear down the walls of limitations we build around ourselves.

While other soul mates appear beside us to help us to rebuild ourselves and our lives in a new image and a new way that serves our highest spiritual purpose.

Rarely do we understand what our highest spiritual purpose is at the time.

Soul mates are our spiritual life companions that assist us to unwrap the Divine Mystery of our purpose one layer at a time.

They encourage us to luxuriate in the juicy layered experience that life has to offer our souls and this is a gift not to be rushed.

Savour the bitter sweet experiences of your life and peel them back to reveal the gifts that various soul mates have brought to you.

You might be surprised by what you discover.


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