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When the sun is out, I love life. That, like everything will pass.

I notice how the weather affects my mood...

If the sun is out with a gentle breeze, I feel in love with life and so much at ease. If it's raining hard I feel cozy inside my home, and can reflect on things one can only do when alone. If the wind is blowing a gale and whistling through the trees, messing up all of their leaves I feel a little lost. When it's hot, and I have no choice but to sweat. I feel uncomfortable and can easily become upset.

Why is this I wonder?

I see the way a plant or flower is turned to face the sun, and in that moment I realise that they are not here just for fun. They are alive and living just like us. Their purpose is just as peculiar as our own, and they too started small and have needed nurturing to have grown. Other times I just give them water and appreciate their colour, or the way that they decorate my home.

I can't sleep and lay in bed with thoughts that keep me wide awake. Worries, troubles, plans and ideas, hopes, dreams, regrets and fears. And then I wake up the very next day, and the fresh new morning has washed all of those thoughts away.

I feel as though nothing makes sense. A question mark hovers over everyone and everything I come across that day. Then there are moments where I feel all is okay, and I don't need any answers; just to go with the flow and appreciate things without needing to know why, how, who or where... I feel as though I don't have a single care.

As my mum says, "This too shall pass." Nothing can last. this is sad, but other times this is good. Everything just seems to happen exactly as it should...


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