Sometimes We Just Have to Walk Away

Sometimes We Just Have to Walk Away

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Relationships are complicated - we all know that – but we also know that human beings are not meant to be completely alone. We all need to form relationships of some kind in our lives. Even if we choose to remain single, we still have family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. If we’re lucky, most of the people we share our lives with are easy to get along with and pleasant to be around – but this is not always the case.

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There have been a few occasions in my life where I've had to concede that a relationship was not worth the heartache, and as difficult as it was – I walked away. Some might see it as cowardly or cold. All relationships are valuable, and to give up on them is one of the hardest things to do. As much as we would like to turn a blind eye to hurtful actions from those we care about, if it begins to take a physical or emotional toll we need to step back and think about why we are still holding on and what would happen if we walked away.

There can be a number of reasons why relationships fail:
- Physical / verbal/ psychological abuse
- Infidelity of a partner
- Broken Trust
- Broken confidentiality
- Broken promises
- Taking advantage
- Differences that can’t be resolved

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Some of these hurts can be forgiven if there are enough good reasons to preserve the relationship, but if:

- It continues to happen
- There is no remorse
- There is no apology
- There is no comprehension of any wrong-doing
- The differences are too great…

…then you may need to make the hard decision to walk away.

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This doesn't necessarily have to mean a permanent end to the relationship. Sometimes taking the extreme step of ending a relationship can be a wake-up call, but don’t pin your hopes on it. Sometimes the end is really the end.


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