Sometimes Losing Makes Way for Finding

Sometimes Losing Makes Way for Finding

Posted 2014-06-15 by Colleen P Moynefollow
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We all know how devastating it feels to lose someone or something special from our lives. It might be the death of a friend or relative; being left by our partner or spouse; losing a job; our house, and even our financial security. We can even mourn our children growing up and leaving home or moving away.

The grieving process is natural and very necessary to our acceptance of the situation and our ability to move on. We need to take the time to get our head around what’s happened, and to make some tough decisions about our future.

Sometimes though, a sudden change in our circumstances can send us in a new and unexpected direction, and allow us to open up to new experiences we never considered before.

I’m not saying for one minute that loss is a good thing; but what I believe is that loss is inevitable, and we can grow stronger and more resilient through the experience of recovering and re-jigging our lives to adapt to our new situation.

There is a quote from an old movie that goes: “I never dwell on things I’ve lost, it takes away the excitement of what you’re going to find next.”

This can be true in many cases. For example:

  • Losing a job but finding a new career direction.

  • Losing someone we depended upon and finding inner strength.

  • Learning to be money-wise and organised in hard times.

  • Finding joy in simple pleasures instead of material possessions.

  • Finding a sense of freedom and independence in our own company.

  • Discovering talents and skills we didn’t know we had.

  • Meeting new people and forming new friendships.

  • Broadening our horizons and seeing new places.

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    What loss does is, is it takes us out of our comfort zone and shows us that we are made of much stronger stuff than we thought. Without it we would never discover the scope of our resilience.


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