Someone You Love Following

Someone You Love Following

Posted 2015-12-02 by Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneofollow
morguefile, Prawny

Do you like driving on twitter? There are always traffic signs wherever you go. My favorite traffic sign is the red one...the "like" sign. Wait a minute...who is in front of you?

Sometimes, I go driving down twitter and find Holly Hanna of in front of me. To me, she is supurb for any person, woman or man, married or single, with or without kids, to learn from. She has everything and anything on her website for people wanting to work-at-home. I sometimes venture to a backroad (aka: e-mail) where she gives me directions. I consider her a mentor. Her tweets have a red traffic sign that I "like" and don't mind.

Next, there is another pair of individuals on twitter for those of you who love to work-at-home should Again, I either drive on twitter but sometimes I especially love THEIR backroad. The persons I follow called drive off into every imaginable work-at-home job imaginable. Did I say every imaginable job imaginable? I sure did.

Then, there is a big red "like" traffic sign on twitter whether you go up or down by Darren Rowse when I am following. I have stopped at every "like" sign by him possible. He likes blogs. He gives all kinds of advice on blogging. Better yet, if you are a freelance writer, you can even take the blogging tips to work on your freelance writing for hubs, magazines, etc. The advice does not HAVE to be solely for a blog. Another tip for a work-at-home person.
Again, a red traffic sign that I "like" and do not mind.

Don't forget...follow Holly Hanna, ratracerebellion and Darren Rowse on twitter. Wave at every red traffic sign you get. I bet you'll "like" it!


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