Solving Your Problems The Essentials

Solving Your Problems The Essentials

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Image The Secret Facebook page. Do not suck the bitter when handed such fruits in life. Turn them into something refreshingly cool indeed.

Problems, many of us despise that word. Regardless as to who you are and where you have come from, guaranteed you're going to have problems in life. You'd be dead otherwise. Everyone with a pulse experiences problems, challenges, frustrations and setbacks on a daily basis. The saying "when life hands you lemons, turn them into lemonade" does strike a chord with many people, and it is that simple with a bit of practise - in tandem with having an open mind to exploring new possibilities and opportunities for yourself.

When you are still, at peace and present with the now - you're here right now. Life is empty and meaningless. When we came out of our mothers womb, we were present to what was happening there and then - whether consciously and/or unconsciously. When you're present to what is happening right now, there are no problems in your life right now - despite that nagging problem that came about and needs to be solved.

Solving your problems is all about changing your perspective around them. You want quality problems. For example, you're in a pleasant situation where you had to work super hard to get there. A problem arises here, and therefore this is a quality problem.

Regardless of your current circumstances, you have a different set of problems to others - depending on their circumstances.

If that is okay with you, I'll share some pearls of wisdom from my natural medicine experiences in a positive light for you:

  • Your pressing life problem right now is someone else's dream. Many people would kill to be in your situation. Focus on counting your blessings, and the attention surrounding such a problem will dissolve.

  • Everything passes. Our creator promises us that "it will pass." Both the great and no so great circumstances and events in our life (our interpretation of such events) will pass. They always do. We are all rentals.

  • The creator of the universe does not give you a problem that you cannot handle. Your biggest problems (at the time) turn out to be your greatest blessings.

  • As above so below. We grow and receive mental stimulation with problems in our life. Life would be pretty boring if we did not have problems (or rather I should say challenges) to keep us alive and stepping up to our greatness. Problems are opportunities.

  • Go by an ocean, and see how small you are and how your problems are really small in retrospect.

  • I will leave you with an extract from one of my books called The Problem Solvers Bible :

    What you are experiencing right now is just temporary, and is an illusion. If you literally have or have a strong inclination that you have been to hell and back; whether it is something to the complete opposite of what you were wanting in any given moment such as a demotion at work; some other loss - or you may have been shot by someone...remember it always passes, and such an incident is only temporary. We are human and we make mistakes.

    No matter what we have done or not done; we are worthy of love, joy, peace, happiness, abundance and prosperity. In every challenging situation, there is always someone supporting you.

    Never fear or be afraid of anything. Take some time out for some serious edification, and count the number of blades in the grass; the stars in the sky, and the sand particles at the beach. I mean if you perceive, and at times in life (even for the most prosperous person) we all at one stage or another live frugally, or on a shoestring budget. The latter is never fun, however such circumstances give us an opportunity for change. An opportunity to learn life's hard lessons, and to prosper in the future.

    I know that living on a perceived low income is not fun, and on the other hand, earning a high income is even better; although with more money - more financial problems (challenges) will arise in testing your resolve. No matter what, you will always be provided for. Your needs will always be met. You will always have more than enough money to live on. I wish to remind you again that abundance isn’t necessarily about spending money. It (abundance) is also about feeling good.

    Feel good regardless. It does not matter what happens to you, it is how you respond and react to what happens. Seize the day you awesome one.


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