Social Media and Friendship

Social Media and Friendship

Posted 2014-01-18 by nicholafollow

With increased technology it’s often thrown around that the world is getting smaller. We all know the wonders of the internet where you can talk to a friend in Italy on video chat for free whenever you want or meet complete strangers in chat rooms; send them winks, emoji’s, flirt; the possibilities are endless. Most of us spend a lot of time on social media such as Facebook and twitter and it’s all well and good to be social there, but when it comes to the real world are we losing touch? There’s people that we have on Facebook that I’m sure wouldn’t say hello to us in real life, so why do we bother to have them on Facebook- surely that’s unhealthy? I think it’s about time we took the control back, so here’s a guide to friends and being social in 2014.

Delete people you don’t know or wouldn’t talk to in real life off social media. This will hopefully decrease the amount of junk you see in your news feed and therefore you will spend less time mindlessly scrolling through. If you’re going to delete people off Facebook, don’t announce it. This is very important. Nothing is more annoying than the “congratulations, if you’re reading this, I consider you a friend” status. I may have been guilty of this in my younger years but anyone past the age of 16 should know better. Also, be prepared that there is a chance that these people may eventually realise that you deleted them, but unless they are unhealthily obsessed with your profile they probably won’t notice.

Make time for your real friends. Everyone is busy but it will mean a lot to your friends if you ask them to meet you for coffee or dinner some time. No one wants to be the one who asks people to come out all of the time but if you swallow your pride and start asking, your friends will catch on and be the ones to invite you. Why not try and reconnect with some old friends you may have lost touch with or some new friends?

Try and make new friends. Although this can be hard if it is forced, if you meet someone, social media can be a helpful tool to keep in touch and schedule things. Sharing numbers sadly may seem a little too personal nowadays so it’s probably the most viable option to start off a new friendship. If you have hobbies in common, invite them to come along next time. You really have nothing to lose and chances are they’ll appreciate it. This can seem daunting but you just need to have confidence in yourself.

Everyone feels confident on the internet because we don’t have to confront people face to face and usually have a fair amount of time to think of responses to awkward or difficult questions. Real life confidence means being comfortable in yourself. If you need that confidence boost think about what you like about yourself for example, if you have a good sense of humour, are kind, caring, if your hair looks especially good that day and so forth. We are all people seeking companionship… so relax and be yourself.

Lessons learned:

1. Spend less time on Facebook and only add real friends.
2. Make time for the friends you have.
3. Make new friends- social media can assist with kicking off your friendship.
4. Be confident in yourself, chances are someone else out there will appreciate your friendship.


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