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For the most part the majority of us got a lot of presents for Christmas. Whether they be practical gifts for the house, toys and board games for the children, or even it was new clothes, shoes and other luxury presents. However as great as all this stuff is and how applicative we are that we got them, it comes to the point where you have to find space for it all.

Most of us travelled to various places across Australia or even overseas to visit family and friends to enjoy the holidays together. Many of us travelled by car with boots packed full of presents to give away and many of us returned with boots full of presents that have been given to us in return. But now we’re home and have unloaded it all, we have to figure out what to do with our new presents.

It is easy for the practical gifts: they find space in a kitchen cupboard or on a mantelpiece or even find a spot on the bookshelf for all to see when they come over. However when it comes to the more personal presents like cloths and other effects it becomes harder to find them a place. Either because we already have too many clothes to speak of and have no room for more. Or we have to sift through our belongings to see what we can finally part with.

Then we begin the old fashioned game of “Should I, shouldn’t I?”: going through every draw in our bedrooms, sorting out t-shirts, jumpers, skirts, pjs into piles as to what to keep what not to keep. Most of the time we stumble across gifts that we got from last year, things that we loved and promised to wear/use but were stuffed in the back of a draw somewhere and forgotten about. Other times we come across articles of clothing that we didn’t even realise that we had and our surprised when they still fit. Or we refuse to throw out clothes that have been worn to the point where they have become faded, torn or falling apart.

Christmas is a good time is which to organise our households. Whether it be going through our old clothes and belongings, going through our children’s toys and books throwing out everything we deem too young for them anymore. However no matter what we deem fit to throughout we should consider other alternatives then just putting them in the bin.

Many of us were fortunate to receive many presents this years and in previous years before.
But there are still many people out there who were not as fortunate this year. Many of whom spent Christmas on the streets or even in homeless hostiles. Many of whom could benefit from our old belongings instead of us just throwing then in the bin.


This year instead of just throwing out your old belongings in the bin either donate them to a Smith’s family bin or even donate them to your local charity shop.

Many of us are lucky to have so much and it is easy to forget that there are still many who do not have the same pleasure that we do and Christmas is a lonely and miserable time of the year.

This year why not do something amazing and help someone in need. Instead of just walking past a homeless person offer them something; it doesn’t have to be money but just give them a warm blanket or even give them an acknowledging smile.

Many people on the streets feel invisible. So lets show them that there is still compassion in the world and lend a helping hand for this coming year.

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