Smile Power

Smile Power

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Do you ever pass a stranger in the street and they shoot you a friendly smile, leaving you to wonder why? Should I know them? Have they mistaken me for someone else? Do I have something in my teeth?
Chances are that they don’t know you and your teeth are fine. That stranger in the street has probably discovered the power of the smile.

The thing about smiling is that it’s such an easy thing to do and yet has the power to affect both the giver and the receiver in tremendous ways.

Psychologically, smiling can instantly make you feel more positive within yourself, regardless of your circumstances. There is a direct connection to the left frontal cortex of your brain – the part responsible for feelings of happiness, and your brain does not distinguish between a fake smile and a real one. Go ahead and try it now. Your brain will interpret that smile and release endorphins, which in turn will create a feeling of happiness.

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When someone smiles at you this can also have a psychological effect. Without realising it, your brain will register happiness in much the same way. Have you noticed how laughing can be contagious? Well, so can smiling, so it follows that when you smile at someone else, you trigger happiness in them too.

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The best way to induce a smile without trying is to surround yourself with happy things (photos, memorabilia, pets,) happy people (friends, family, children,) and happy experiences (comedy shows, movies, websites, fun hobbies or pastimes.)

But really, all you need to do to start to feel happiness is to smile at everyone you meet.

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And here’s one more little tip - If you are self-conscious of your smile because of problems with your teeth, make an appointment today with your dentist. It is worth whatever it costs to protect your teeth and preserve your smile.


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