Small Little Box

Small Little Box

Posted 2013-12-13 by Mathilda K Burtonfollow

We may be so worried about where we are going, where we are headed, what our next move is going to be, about achieving something, about mattering that we never take the time to just stand still, watch, wait, and just let life happen.

We may be so desperate to make our mark on the world, to contribute and matter in some way, that we never seem to take the time to really appreciate all that is laid out before us – the ample opportunities that each of us can take up.

We can focus so hard on one particular path, that we become narrow-minded to the point where we block out and shut off everything else out there; there is so much out there. It’s really just waiting for us to step back and take a breath so that we can let it all appear before us.

We can get so tangled up in what we think we have to do, that we struggle to fight our way out of expectations and just simply think, about life, of the different paths we can take, of the different places we could go, of the possibilities.

Some people live their lives in such a hurry that they seem to forget that there is more out there than the small picture they see through their view-finds. Outside of that small box is something larger and greater and all encompassing, and it wants us to see it, search it, and thrive off of it.

We just need to slow down, take a breath, and let ourselves see.


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