Sitting On The Fence

Sitting On The Fence

Posted 2014-04-21 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Image Courtesy of AKARAKINGDOMS Hang in there pretty one, the sun will set for you on the issue at hand.

Have faith my friend, if you find yourself in this situation, have immense faith and know that the sun will set for you. Who only knows when such sunshine will knock on your domain. Just have faith that it will. Our creators concept of time is different to ours. Our creator is old...he (or she) has been around way longer than us. Older people are generally slower and more careful at making decisions, thereby we might be sitting on that fence colloquially speaking for quite some time. Time is irrelevant...your attitude towards the current circumstances you're facing most certainly is.

It can be darn frustrating when you come so close to achieving something you've worked so hard for; especially when the decision pending feels like it is (or may actually be) taking forever to reach a conclusion/final outcome.

Students, I feel your pain. You've just sat your final exam, and now you're waiting for the results. That's right, that time in between sitting your final do or die exam, and to the day your results finally arrive means that you're sitting on the fence - whether you like it or not.

No different to relationships, where your soulmate has been forced to go to marriage counselling for the sake of the kids. You might be waiting on another test result, and/or you're on a waiting list for an operation - that's right, you're sitting on the fence. It sucks when you're so close to being awarded something, and you miss by a whisker. No different to being one mark off passing a critical exam, to getting into the course and/or job of your choice. Just one point, and/or one dollar away from your goal. There are lessons to be learnt, and gratitude to still be acknowledged for how far you've really come.

What can you do when this happens - when you're literally sitting on the fence in relation to something really critical, and that you've put your heart into it...

When you find yourself sitting on the fence - this is how you can handle the situation:

  • Surrender and have faith that a positive outcome will come to pass.

  • Just like any circumstance, it too will pass.

  • Get on with your life.

  • Save up some more cash, and go on that well deserved holiday. Turn off all technology, and just get away from it all.

  • Participate in fun activities like going to the theatre and catching up with your friends. A perfect time to visit that day spa you've always wanted to go to.

  • Be open and supportive of changes for the better.

  • Have an open mind and positive attitude.

  • Go with the flow.

  • And remember, before long the sun will set for you. You're not designed to sit on the fence forever.


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