Simply Moments

Simply Moments

Posted 2014-01-23 by Millie Claytonfollow

The other day I was talking to a dear friend about his travels. He gushed a multitude of love stories about women who didn't speak his language, slept with him, and then disappeared out of his life as quickly as they came in.

I asked why that with every beautiful fairytale he recounted to me, he simply would watch as this potential girl of his dreams leave. He replied saying that by not chasing them down, he could leave the moments with them at perfection.

He had experienced a short lived romance with girls from many different continents. Each offered something different from the previous. On one occasion he had flown to Sweden for a week to meet up with a girl and many months progressed where they would converse..discussion led to the possibility of her braving the elements on a flight down to Australia. Finally, she did.

And it was awkward.

Expectations were had for him where he claims now he should have just accepted the relationship for what it was; a foreign affair. It was too much pressure.

There is a bitter sweet tone to this recount. This story lightens up my perspective dramatically. We can go into situations without being so heavy-headed.


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