Say GDay

Say GDay

Posted 2014-02-10 by Justine lovittfollow
Image courtesy of Sicha Pongivanich A hello or a smile to a passerby could have a greater impact than you think.

I have just decided to start riding my bike again, and as I am cycling along the pathway that I am accustomed to using, I naturally pass other exercisers. Some are cyclists, and some are walkers or runners.

Sometimes I am in a better mood than other times when I cycle (or walk), and I often prefer a smile or a hi from some of the fellow exercisers I pass. I would say about 3 out of 10 people reciprocate the gesture.

When they do, I feel there is a quick, transitory exchange of good will. I can’t tell how the other person feels exactly of course. However, I wonder if the other person feels uplifted by that fleeting friendly gesture, because that's how I feel.

As most readers would relate to a friendly smile or hello, this isn't always reciprocated. People are stuck in their own world, and it doesn't occur to them why someone who they don't know should act friendly. I know this to be the case; but sometimes I feel a bit deflated, and sometimes I feel like a bit of an idiot for smiling. So I always try to return a gesture when it's sent my way.

When someone smiles at me, and I am not having one of those better moods, I am caught by surprise; but I do feel that much better. In the movie “Crocodile Dundee,” Mick says “G’day” to each person he passes in the crowded city of New York.

I sometimes wonder if Australia is getting to be like New York, with a simple hello becoming rarer and rarer as people are consumed by their daily business.

Of course, we can’t say hi to every person we pass; but if you are walking down a quiet road, or going for a relaxed walk, try a smile or a hello to someone. You will feel better, because when we smile, the brain believes you are happy and a positive feeling ensues. Also, you may help a depressed or anxious person feel a whole lot better, too.


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