Savouring a Balanced Life

Savouring a Balanced Life

Posted 2014-08-09 by Colleen P Moynefollow
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Do you know that feeling you get when everything seems to be in balance? When every area of your life is going well? I hope you do, because it’s a great feeling, and one to be savoured, because who knows how long it will last. Life can take a sudden detour or hit a wall at any given moment, so whenever we are feeling such a sense of harmony, we should revel in it. It’s a rare and precious thing.

When work is going well, the bills are paid, your family are happy and settled and you have time to follow your passion, it’s easy to take it all for granted. We might not even notice how smoothly things are running, because we are so used to steeling ourselves for the next thing to go wrong.

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It’s a good idea to pause for a while and think about that feeling of balance. I keep a list in my journal of the five areas of my life that are most important. Every now and then I go through the list and think about how things are going in these areas.

My five areas are:
- Health
- Career
- Money
- Relationships
- Creativity

Health – Am I looking after myself? Eating well and getting enough exercise?

Career – Am I where I want to be? Am I giving my best and feeling satisfied?

Money – Am I spending wisely? Are all my bills paid? Are my savings on track?

Relationships – Am I giving my best to my family and friends? Is there anyone I need to catch up with / spend more time with?

Creativity – Am I allowing time to follow my own dreams and passions?

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles

If any one of these areas is not fulfilled then it can easily throw out the others. Having something on your mind can consume you to the point of clouding your enjoyment of the other areas of life that are actually going well.

So take time to savour those times when life is in balance, and when it’s not – make a conscious effort to rectify the situation. As long as you've done your best, you can regain that balance and rest easy.


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