Save Yourself with an Emotional Bubble

Save Yourself with an Emotional Bubble

Posted 2017-03-28 by Mina Keenanfollow

We are influenced by everything around us, and things can build up.

If things around you are just too much, consider making yourself a bubble.

A bubble is a safe place, somewhere to regroup, get over things or let them go.

Televised News
So much of this is negative and ca an get you down. Take a break. Don't watch it for a while. Sometimes I don't watch the news for months.

Some people can exhaust you by leaning on you, or wanting things from you or just plain won't shut up.

These relationships are one sided and can have you feeling like a doormat.

Some people you might not be able to keep out your life for one reason or another, so have a rest and be unavailable until you feel strong enough again.

Others you might have to drop 'em like they're hot.

Work out what will make your life nicer.
  • Learn to say 'No'
  • Weed out your Facebook 'friends' The ones who are always posting shocking or negative stuff.

  • The fallout from this might cause feelings of guilt and loneliness but maybe a small price in the long run.

    Your home is your castle, so you are the King or Queen of it.

    Decide who you will let in.

    If you live with others, you might need to be creative about where your space should be. It could be a room, the garage or a shed.

    If you share a room, put it to good ' bubble space' purpose when the other person/s aren't there.

    You may only need to make one or two changes in your life to feel back on track.

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