Routines Work for Some but Not for Me

Routines Work for Some but Not for Me

Posted 2014-06-24 by Colleen P Moynefollow
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Some of us grew up in households with strict rules and routines, and others in complete chaos, but that doesn't necessarily reflect how we order our lives as adults. My mother always had a set washing day, a set shopping day and so on. Me? Pffft! Forget it. I have never lived like that. But on the other hand, a weekly or daily schedule works for a lot of people and they'd be lost without it, and if that works for you – great!

Speaking for myself, I don’t do any particular household thing on any particular day. I'm not good with routine. I wash when I run out of clean clothes and dust when I see dust. Sometimes I'll shop on the way home from work or maybe on my day off. Usually it's when I run out of food or there are good specials I can't pass up. It works for me. I like the flexibility.

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I do however have some small daily rituals that I undertake to make my days a bit simpler.

For example, I keep a post-it pad and pencil in my bedside drawer, because I'll inevitably get into bed and start thinking about what I've got to do the next day or remember something I forgot to do today. I write it on a post-it and stick it to my mobile phone (which is always on the bedside table at night as I use it as my alarm clock). I know that when I wake up the first thing I'll do is pick up my phone and bring it out to the kitchen with me, so the reminder note is right there in front of me.

On work-day mornings it's always coffee, then shower and get dressed. The last thing I do before I leave is feed my pets. When I'm not working there is no routine (and I love it).

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Some people are super-organised and lay out their clothes at night for the next day and prepare their lunch and breakfast ahead. I definitely don't do that, but I do decide what I'll wear and I always make sure I've got easy breakfast and lunch options available to just grab and go. Sometimes, if I'm not hungry first thing I grab a sachet of instant porridge to take with me. When I'm at work I make it up in a mug and drink it like a coffee (Don’t knock it till you've tried it!)

I've learned what works best for me, but I know my ways would drive some people crazy. So if having a more structured routine makes life simpler for you then that's what you should do. The internet offers an abundance of advice for getting started.


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