Resign As General Manager Of The Universe

Resign As General Manager Of The Universe

Posted 2014-01-02 by Justine Crowleyfollow
For your peace of mind, please do yourself a favour and resign as manager of the universe.

Too often we boss this all encompassing, ever friendly and intelligent universe around. Life does not work that way. The universe (or God, whatever resonates with you) is here to support you, as well as to challenge you. The universe will give you the good life if you simply let go. Let go and go with the flow. Do not work so hard trying to figure out the answer. Allow the universe to be your confidante; your best support ground when you dis-attach and stop trying so hard (going against as opposed to the flow) to make your magic happen.

All you have to do is ask for what you want.

"Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be open to you." - Matthew 7:7

There are various ways you can ask for what it is you're wanting. You can write it down; type it into your phone book or even record your desires. You can even think them out mentally. That is enough to get the universe working overtime to give you what you want.

The best lounge in the house on New Years Eve recently. At night this area dazzles, especially with that awesome Christmas tree. We burned an abundance of candles too. Just a party of two with all of this space. Yum.

For example, my partner is away and I was hard pressed to come up with a fun, cost effective solution for celebrating New Years Eve recently. I did not want to be squashed in like a sardine for free while watching the fireworks. The ideas I had in mind would feel like a waste of money, even though the Sydney fireworks are extraordinary.

Solution: I let go. I had faith, and I allowed the universe to peruse its magic on me.

I had this whole pool to myself too on New Years Day 2014.

A miracle happened. There is a friend of mine who has just recently re-located from the Blue Mountains to the Central Coast. Before I go into my recent New Years Eve story, I'll explain his. His situation is amazing. There were times where he was quite terrified as he had never moved from the Blue Mountains, and was selling a house that he lived in for almost 20 years. He had never sold a house before either. With faith he did some renovations to sell his house at the ideal price; to sell his house to come and live on a spiritual retreat on the Central Coast; where he will serve as a handyman in exchange for free food and accommodation.

It all happened so fast. The last time I spoke with him was in early December, about a month ago as at the time of writing this. We then catch up before Christmas. I assumed he would still be living in the Blue Mountains. I was wrong. His house sold quickly at the right price, and already the new owners have moved in. This mate of mine now has been living at this Central Coast resort for almost three weeks now.

Lucky me, I get invited up to spend New Years Eve with him. For free (even though I did buy a few gifts in exchange) I got to see out 2013 and bring in 2014 in a spacious, fully-renovated eight bedroom house, with around five bathrooms; a yoga room; a spa room and a swimming pool - not to mention the best living area you could hope for to see in the new year. You can see the place from the few pictures I have taken for this article. Plus, we had this house to ourselves. In paradise only two-hours north from Sydney.

One of the rooms. I slept in luxury and like a baby too.

We had an amazing time together. We had the best seats to the Sydney fireworks in the house, and we enjoyed some amazing treats. We made up some yummy fruit salad; ate some delicious dark chocolate; drank some hot chocolate and chai teas, and also brought in the New Year with a classic Italian Soda.
The best New Years Eve ever. Normally people would pay at least $1000 a night to live in such luxury at this time of year, and everything was taken care of. Even better, there wasn't an abundance of drunk arses around me.

It was so much fun feeding the cows, and befriending a couple of kangaroos who also lived at the resort. Of course there was plenty of time to go swimming (having the entire pool to myself was bliss) and soak in the spa. And engage in some yoga. We did not even worry about the need to wash our dishes...that was taken care of too.

Could I have organised something like this myself at the last minute, and for free?

Not in a million years.

Case in point. This is how magical and amazing our universe is. It creates miracles. It opens doors in the same space in which walls were in previously.

The philosophers stone


  • Let go and let God/the universe do its magic.

  • Never say never.

  • God/the universe knows your situation and circumstances in advance; more than you ever would.

  • Let the universe do its magic. Do not manage it and boss it around.

  • Be-Do-Have

  • Do not swim against the current, you'll wear yourself out. Just go with the flow.

  • Such a strategy can turn businesses and relationships around for the better.

  • This strategy works for anything from attracting a cup of coffee to manifesting the house of your dreams.

  • Treat such blessings as a great sign of great things to come. That way, your abundance is maintained.

  • The universe is your friend, despite the turbulences and challenges experienced in life.

  • Do not be attached to final outcomes.

  • Be open and receptive to change in all areas of your life. If you're offered a new work opportunity for example, then go ahead and look into it.

  • Make decisions quickly - get the facts quickly and make them slowly.

  • The universe loves speed. It does not wait for anyone.

  • Nothing is too good to be true, and too good to pass up.

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