Recognising and Accepting Your Faults

Recognising and Accepting Your Faults

Posted 2014-01-21 by Mathilda K Burtonfollow
The more you accept yourself, the more you do not require it from others

We get hurt when someone points out a downfall of ours, whether it is a character trait or something we’ve done. People don’t like to be told they were wrong, they failed, they did the wrong thing, they have a way about them that isn’t liked – but everyone has faults, and it is okay to admit to them.

Admitting that you have a fault, or have faulted, not only makes you one step closer to being a well-rounded individual, but it also means that you’ll be less hurt when someone points it out. If I was the kind of person who thought you could ‘find’ yourself, then I would add in here, that you are that little bit closer to finding the ‘true you’ or something. I don’t believe in finding yourself though…I believe in knowing yourself. They are two very different things – finding yourself means you are lost somewhere, whereas knowing yourself means that you are well acquainted with your soul.

You have to recognize that you have a fault. Some of mine are that I am impulsive, that I have no self-control, and that I need to be in control. These things can be positive, but most of the time, they aren’t. These are just the ones that are obvious to pretty much anyone, though. The faults I have that are deep within me are things like the fear of failure, and loving to the point of self-depreciation. Those ones, they took time to find, and a lot of time alone in order to think and go through what was in my heart and mind.

Once I had found these faults, I had to make a decision – whether to change or to stay the same. I chose to stay the same, because I happen to like who I am. But in choosing to stay the same, I had to learn how to accept these faults of mine, in order to be truly happy with myself.

It took time, most of it spent alone, reflecting on my life and looking forward to where I might like my life to go. It wasn’t easy, because it damaged my pride and a little bit of my self esteem, but I am all the better for it now. No one hurts me when they point out that I am too impulsive, or that I love too strongly.

Recognizing and accepting the few faults you have will make your every day life easier, and you will be closer to being your own best friend. It’s a positive experience, to go soul searching, and I highly encourage you to try it.


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