Reaching Out

Reaching Out

Posted 2014-10-24 by Maria-Lee Dfollow
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Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Life is difficult at the best of times, and the people around us are a valuable source of information about a whole host of things. They can give you advice and offer a new perspective on any given issue. They can point out things that you didn’t think of the first time around.

And most importantly, they can help support you in any difficult decision you might have to make. They might be family or friends, or a person you work with. It’s a bit like being a detective – you have to gather all the relevant facts before you can come to a logical conclusion.

I’ve had this realisation as I’ve gotten older – that I don’t have to do everything on my own and that it is perfectly fine to ask for help (as long as you don’t do it too often!). Additionally, being a fairly introverted person, I didn’t tend to talk much, and therefore didn’t voice many issues that I might have had.

This is also an important point – the more you communicate with others about your issues, the more likely you are to solve them. It could be via chatting to a friend, contributing to an online forum or talking to a counsellor. Once you start the conversation with someone, you’re a step closer to resolving the issue and feeling better about it. The relief you feel is amazing, just through that one conversation.


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