Quit Smoking For Good

Quit Smoking For Good

Posted 2014-01-02 by Lu Lu Bellefollow
My quest I am quitting cigarette smoking for good.

I have done it before, and I'll do it again. You, cigarette are not my friend. I know you have accompanied me through highs and lows, but you are really bad for me and so you must go.

I don't think it should be called "quitting" - it should be called "returning to normal." Smokers weren't born with a cigarette in their mouth, and it's certainly no form of failure by stubbing them out.

Smoking steals your time, your money, your health and your breath. It stinks, it's stupid and essentially leads to death.

Why did I pick it back up again, I ask. Why would I not care if my lungs were filled with tar? Addiction is a tricky thing you see, but you can outsmart it quite simply.

It is very possible to retrain your brain. The last time I stopped smoking I went from enjoying it to considering it insane.

I used willpower, strength and finesse. I also used an app on my phone that tracked my progress. There is plenty of help out there for us now, it's just a matter of utilising our know how.

So, I'm taking that first step yet again, and saying goodbye to my favourite tobacco blend. Goodbye to being out of breath, and having my clothes and hair smell. Hello to having more money and feeling happy and well.


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