Pushing the Barriers

Pushing the Barriers

Posted 2014-02-09 by Madeleinefollow

Don’t let other peoples opinions deter you from expressing who you are.

I was in English today and my teacher asked us what it was that really ignited a fire inside us. What is it that really makes you want to stand up and fight for, or against something? Instantly my mind clicked to the term, “ignorance.” Closed-minded ignorance is one thing in this world that I cannot endure in the slightest.

In modern society, people have formed these standards, these ways of thinking, who knows where these certain standards originated from, and who knows why we all feel obliged to adhere to such a criterion? Surely if the lifestyle we choose to live does not harm any other person, then why should we be dissuaded from it?

Sure society has advanced, women are no longer are the property of men, blacks catch the same bus as the whites, and homosexuality is…. well one day they will come around. But have we really even evolved? No matter how much change comes about humanity, this still does not change the fact that the greater majority of civilization still feeds off each others ideas and code of living, and who is it that decides that this criterion is even correct? Do you want to know why women no longer belong to men, and blacks and whites can now be friends? Because there is the minority, there are the outcasts, the nomads, and the misfits that are shunned by the unanimous thinking of society and tossed aside. It was these advanced thinkers, these people who looked passed what everyone else thought, that pushed the barriers of our thinking, that pried our eyelids open just a fraction more in order to come to terms with the fact that societies views were sheltered and unjust.

So when you go home at night and lay awake, just listening to the voices in your head tell you that you can’t be who you are, that you will never be accepted, that you will be judged, just remember that it doesn’t matter what the others think, if you want to cover your body in tattoos, who is someone else to say that it is wrong? If you want to have a career in the arts, who is it that decides that this is not a legitimate pathway? No one ever has the right to judge who you are as a person, especially those who are not willing to look passed the way you look, or the profession in which you have chosen, because the world needs people like you to expand its horizons, for you and I both know that we have a long way to go.


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