Psychology and The Silly Season

Psychology and The Silly Season

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Image courtesy of posterize Be a shining star during the ChristmasNew Year break. Stay grounded.

Is it just me, or do some of us go completely insane during the silly season?

Sure the Christmas/New Year period (otherwise known as the silly season) is a time for healing, giving and dealing with challenges. It is a time where our mindset needs to be super sharp. For those of us who do have a superior psychology/mindset, our resolve is also tested at this stupid and somewhat pleasant time of the year.

This time of the year is a wonderful time to sit down, celebrate and catch up with family. All in all our family has done extremely well in the gifts department this year. The nicest part is going out shopping in buying and giving the gifts. Just like you, my credit card got a Body Attack style workout - where it is only used to gentle yoga in comparison. Then again, its the sales trap that has brought up my credit card balance back into owing territory; despite paying off lump sums twice in a three-day period only a few short days ago. Got to love that.

Psychologically, mid-December is a time where many of us feel a little tired and burnt out. For some of us who have a business, this time started in November - including for yours truly. Definitely would not change this for a thing. Why? New projects were launched, and already they're starting to blossom. Some of us just want to keep on working regardless. However, in saying this - with the roles in my business that require people contact; I was itching to let them go in mid-December for a little while. Now that I have, I just want to go back to work. It will be about a week away, yet it will be nice when everything is full-time again. Despite no routine in my life (I am definitely not a nine-to-fiver) it will be great for some sort of routine to come back into the fore.

For many of us, it will feel like the start of February marks the end of the silly season. Isn't that true. It is when the kids are back at school, and work will pick up. February feels like the new year really begins. If you believe this to be true, then yes you're normal.

It is in the moments when you're not working that healing takes place. Yet with an abundance of time on your hands when you're a super sharp time manager, this extra idle time can feel like your own worst enemy. I love my smartphone, yet how many times a day do I still keep checking my e-mails - just to ensure I have not missed an article for publication as an editor, and to check how many readers my sites are receiving. It drives you insane. Despite detaching, in moments of sheer boredom you do that.

Despite writing a list of things to do, to catch up on - there is an abundance of spare time at this time of year. I have already seen my family more than I ever have in a year, and I have also seen my friends a lot too. Although I am not clingy here (in true love there is no clinginess) my partner is overseas with his family, and I am missing him heaps. He has only been gone for a week now, yet it feels like an eternity right now. Even so, he is gone for another few weeks. Our gift giving exchange naturally happened two weeks ago as a result.

The home, ah the home. That has been cleaned a number of times. Sales shopping, saved over $400 on much needed items thanks to retail therapy in the silly season. I even took my time and lost myself here too.

The silly season. A time where it can burn the holes of wallets for those of us who are more than well off financially, to all of a sudden becoming shocked at the abundance of outflows that happen all at once. Case in point. My home is a well maintained home, yet lo and behold I have had to get two different tradespeople (electrician and plumber respectively) into my house for two days in a row. Yesterday it was because the light in my home office decided to switch itself on, and despite flicking the switch on and off - the light stayed on. Today it is because I have no hot water in my house whatsoever. Waiting for the plumber to arrive.

Come to think of it, a couple of my friends had a crack in their front teeth on Christmas Eve. Yes, an emergency trip to the dentist. The moment that many of us stop working and go on holidays, things play up. Yes, the silly season.

Family at Christmas, it is fun and can be stressful for some. I have an Uncle (an adorable man as he is) who turns up to parties uninvited, and when you tell him to come for Christmas lunch at a specific time - he always rocks up early. He is lovely, yet he can be boring to hang around with too. You need to discreetly ask him to leave if he is still around six hours later. If you don't ask him to politely leave, he'll never leave.

When you're working (whether you need the money or not) you feel useful. Even when you stop to smell the roses, a day of no work is long enough - yet a pipe dream for a business owner/self employed person at any time of the year outside the silly time. However, at this time of the year (I don't know about you) I have smelled way too many roses and I want to go back to work in my business full-time. I'll then be making some great money again to pay for all of these extra outflows, and be of service to other people instead of wasting time. Despite having more than enough cash for them, it sucks when you're in a period when you're not making any money, and your outflows are bigger, fatter and juicier than ever.

To any business owner, this does not make sense. My boredom led me to create a CV and apply for a couple of jobs despite owning a great business. Just anything to fill some time and to make some money, even though I have more than enough of the latter despite it being spent in more abundance right now. Overspending - yes blame it on the silly season. Too much time on your hands? Yes, silly season. My books? Glad you asked - they've all been re-edited and re-published like a fine tooth comb also.

Everyone goes on holidays at once too. If the silly season did not exist, we could all stagger our breaks and enjoy better deals for our prosperity. The whole world does not need to stop at once. For now, we still have the silly season. We need to keep our resolve and not lose our sanity while others are.

Life lessons:

  • The silly season (as with any of the year) will pass.
  • Focus on abundance and all being well. It still is, your circumstances are just different and in a temporary state of flux.
  • Life is empty and meaningless. The key is to not attach any meaning to unexpected twists and turns. They're just there. It is just what's so.
  • Everyone's finances go around in cycles - as in anything with life.
  • Those people who are well off financially still have financial worries at times.
  • There is light at the end of the tunnel
  • Mishaps occur in the silly season to give you more gratitude and appreciation for your stuff - to what is.
  • The silly season gives us the opportunity to heal and re-evaluate our lives.
  • We are human beings and not human doings. As hard as it is to swallow, all of us need a break from time to time.
  • Christmas is a testy and enjoyable time with family. Family members have different sets of priorities to each other.

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