Procrastinator Fun Quiz Results

Procrastinator Fun Quiz Results

Posted 2013-12-04 by Mina Keenanfollow

If you came from the fun quiz Are You A Procrastinator? here are your answers :)

If you didn't - go check it out - no cheating now.

Well, lets see how you did. Here are the answers. If you scored:

Mostly A's

  • You are no procastinator, you're a robot. You are ultra efficient, do things as needed and you do them right now. You have everything under control. Stern task master. You do things in a bloody minded way. Whatever the cost.

  • Mostly B's

  • Yes my darling, you are a procrastinator, putting things off til later. You are prone to distraction. You realise it though, so you can take steps to remedy it if its a problem for you.

  • Mostly C's

  • Well done! Perfect score. You are not a procrastinator. There is a good balance to your method. You get things done, but with an advantage – you get things done in order of priority.

  • Mostly D's

  • You don't care a fig. You don't care much for order, you do things at whim, not thinking about responsibility or obligation. You're probably brilliant.

  • If you scored two each of the following letters:

    A's & B's

  • Works out you're mostly Cs

  • A's & C's

  • You're an over active non-procrastinator – not quite a robot. Very efficient. You get heaps done! And probably with good results.

  • A's & D's
  • Works out you're mostly Cs

  • B's & C's
  • You spend your time procrastinating half the time, and getting on with it for the other half.

  • B's & D's
  • You are gloriously hopeless! You don't know what procrastination is! You're probably an undiscovered genius – really great at music or maths or something.

  • C's & D's
  • You have spates of energy, motivation at times - that's when you get things done. You don't care less at others. You're aware of it and carefree...

  • This quiz is only for fun and not intended to be taken seriously.

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