Preparing for a Snowy Day Trip

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While in some part of the world winter is over , in Australia winter is just on the rising horizon .While the snow falls in the nearby Buller and you plan for a holiday, there are a few tips/checklists you might want to carry along when you head to the snow.

Apart from your snow equipments and Snow wear , it would be a good investment to invest in gloves where you can use it to touch your iphone and not struggle with something where you need to remove it every time.

Look for the popular Aldi snow sale where everything you need is on a sale including jackets, trousers , shoes, beanies etc.

If you are travelling as a group, chances are you would split up. Ensure individuals between the groups can communicate.

It would be better to leave your car keys in the locker and not in your jacket pockets and be happy in the snow with lesser stuff to carry with you.

Ensure you wear heat mitts.There are also small heat warmers available that you could keep in your pockets.
Ensure you fasten your camera's strap in your hand and be careful with camera.

Always mark a meeting point incase you cannot communicate with friends.

Have fun and make snow a part of your winter life.

It would be a good idea to carry a lip balm for your chapped lips and some sunscreen for your face.

Be sure to wear comfortable footwear and socks to avoid any blisters.

Always carry a pack of first aid and medicines you might need in the trip.

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