Prepare My Legal Will

Prepare My Legal Will

Posted 2014-03-18 by May Hydefollow

Your 'Last Will' is your last gift to your family.

I have never completed my Legal Will. I have the Will Kit right here beside me, and I it is very difficult to commit down to paper what I want to be done with my assets. I know that in order to commit that that decision, I will have to accept that I am going to die. Even writing those words feels strange. It is a fact, although us humans have an overwhelming magic inside us to deny the fact that: we die.

I do not want to write this, I especially do not want to think about it. However, I know I have to write my Will. It might make me feel uncomfortable, it will push the silver mist of denial, but I ultimately know that writing my Will is not about me, it is for my family. It is so that they do not have to make those hard decisions, I can make the decisions for them, now.

At the end of the day (or life) assets do not mean anything. They are something that our loved ones will have to organise, and then feel awful for having to organise. However, I know that if I have a Last Will in place I can minimise the stress that my family could go through.

I know that my family will not care which bank I use, what Super fund my employer paid a pittance of super into, who insures my car, where is the Title to my house, or who my phone service is through, but eventually they will have to contact and cancel all of those accounts.

Something so simple, like not having a Legal Will, can cause intense stress for a loved one. I know. My dad passed away a year ago, with no Will in place.

So, this afternoon, I will commit to completing my Will. And then I can close my eyes to it and go back to the cosy world of denial.

I know it is a dark awful topic, but, if you have not filled in your Will, well, think of your loved ones and do it for them.


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